KARS Petro is a Florida limited liability company . We currently provide logistic & fuel distribution support to locations in Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Our product and services include:

  1. Selling and Distributing unbranded and all the major oil brands’ petroleum products.
  2. Providing access to the best incentive and branding packages available
  3. Assisting in operations and business development with expertise in:
  • - Construction of new facilities and remodeling of previously built facilities
  • - Attaining finance options for gas station acquisitions.
  • - C-store and Vendors Set-up

E-Store Accounting & Security Systems

In an effort to improve the accounting and management of Gasoline retail stores, KarsPetro Distributors LLC , leverage its technology group of BonaFide Management Inc., in developing an integrated enterprise solution, E-Store Accounting and Security System[1] to manage all the key activities of the stores by integrating the following modules:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Inventory management
  • Security surveillance
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting


Customer Management Systems

The need for a secured portal for customer management has been realized by the BMI management and currently developing Customer Management system that helps to login and Create / Manage Corporations and C-Store Sites. The reason for developing this product, in house is to ensure that the application is developed within the capabilities of existing infrastructure and flexible enough to integrate with E-Store Accounting & Security Systems